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"Molly is a fantastic teacher; funny, encouraging, challenging, and observant. Every class leaves me drenched in sweat and always glad that I went. I love that Molly's classes have an amazing flow of poses that feel very naturally connected and that I feel properly warmed up before we start more difficult poses. Her spoken instruction is sprinkled with laughs and little tips to help evolve your pose; and offering alternatives to help work around injuries. I happily recommend her to anyone looking for a yoga instructor, new or old to the activity. If your lucky you might get to hear her sing."

Collin N.

Molly HaightComment
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"Molly your classes go way beyond teaching yoga poses. I am amazed at how you always have something new and wise to share with us. Maybe it is a story about an indian goddess or a reflection about what is going on in the world or how to take our breathing practice outside of the yoga classroom. But those words resonate and take the class beyond the poses. I realized I tend to have happier thoughts after yoga, so thank you for bringing that up in me. Regarding poses, you have an incredible superpower to know what we we tend to do wrong and you know how to guide us to explore the poses in ways that feel better in our bodies. Also there is always room for challenge in your classes, you are very supportive! I don't have the chance to thank you often, so thank you for being a great teacher and sharing your practice with us!"

Belen L

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"If you want to feel good, join Molly's yoga classes as she shares her joyful energy with a well balanced and crafted blend of challenging vinyasa sequences and spiritual awareness that will enhance your connection between mind and body. On blessed occasions she will share the gift of music and chant sacred mantras accompanied by her beautiful harmonium. Molly is a true compassionate who will make you feel good and help disconnect from your hectic lives. She has an ineffable energy that infuses the practice with joy and even rapture. She is both wise and unpretentious, spiritual and down-to-earth. "

Nuno M

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number 3

"I went on a day retreat to Bolinas with Molly and had a wonderful experience. During our hike I found that I was surrounded with like minded people who were all from different walks of life. I am not always the most social but it was nice to connect with strangers."

Chris L. 

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