Audio Classes


Start here: After some months of receiving requests for audio classes and many months of sitting on an unused speaker, I'm finally bringing audio classes to you! For now, enjoy these breathing and meditation practices as I prepare to record asana practices. I've posted practices that are accessible to all levels from absolute beginner to advanced. For both meditating and breathing, the most important thing is to be comfortable but not TOO comfortable. Either sit on a cushion or chair or lay on your back. I will be posting some "traditional" ways you can set yourself up on your back so you can get the most out of you breathing practice. Enjoy!

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Pranayama / Breathing

Pranayama is a sanskrit word composed of the words pran/prana and ayama. Prana meaning to live or to breath and ayama meaning, essentially, to control. BKS Iyenger and many other teaches recommend having an established asana (physical) practice before starting pranayama. I am doing my best to post breathing exercises that are friendly for everyone whether you have an asana practice or not. Nonetheless, if you are pregnant or have high blood pressure some of these practices will not be for you, they are labeled accordingly. If you experience light headedness or the feeling of being overwhelmed just stop and breath normally until you feel ready to continue - don't push yourself. 

Belly Breathing

Belly breath is an easy and simple breath used to calm down and focus the mind. I recommend this breath for anyone and everyone whether you are a new or seasoned practitioner. Enjoy! 


Sama Vritti/ Equal breathing

In this breathing exercise we make the inhale and the exhale equal in length and explore the differences between right and left side breathing. Although there is a version of Sama Vritti with breath retention we do not practice holding the breath in this version. Great for all levels. 



Breath Meditation

This is the most simple form of meditation (in my opinion) and the one I return to on a daily basis. Use the breath as a way to focus the mind and be still for 10 minutes - or longer! All levels.