Birth and Postpartum Doula Services


A doula is a support person providing physical, emotional and informational support during the laboring process and within the postpartum phase.

Doulas are advocates and supporters. They have the knowledge and tools to inform laboring people and new parents about their options and their rights.

During birth, the doula's job is to provide a safe and supportive environment for the birthing person.This can include comfort measures, breathing techniques, helping the birther move positions, supporting the birthing partner and keeping the birth team informed of the birth plan. Doulas are there to create an empowered but nurturing environment.

After birth, during the postpartum period, the doula's job is to support the birthing person with breastfeeding and caring for a newborn. The doula can also provide physical support around the house or take care of the baby while parents rest, shower and eat. In this stage, the doula is also there to help support the birthing person through the emotional and physical healing process that comes after giving birth. 

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For a good portion of my life connecting and befriending women was not something I enjoyed nor did naturally.  When I became a yoga teacher in 2012, I started a (reluctant) journey to opening up more to other women around me. I actually began to see that other women, myself included, were fierce and strong and beautiful. Simultaneously, I began learning about my birth story and the birth stories of those around me - each one is so unique! I also began to educate myself about reproductive justice. Being a doula means I get to see women be fierce, strong and beautiful, provide the support and compassion I have learned to give as a teacher and continue to explore the world of reproductive justice.  

I am completing my certification through Doula Trainings International. I have experience teaching pre and postnatal yoga and working with new moms and babies in this capacity. As a doula, my hope is to help birthing persons feel safe, supported and respected during their birth and into the postpartum phase. Everyone has their own idea of how they want their birth to be and I am happy to support you in whatever type of birth you are hoping to have. Previous clients and yoga students say they enjoy working with me because I provide knowledgeable, calm, and reassuring support and I hope to provide the same for you!

To understand more about the role I hope to play as a doula, read about DTI's Compass of Care.


Birth doula services include:

One complimentary 45 minute session to see if we are a good fit

2 prenatal appointments 1.5 - 2 hours each

Support and guidance from contract signing - labor

On call 24/7 support from 38 weeks - labor

Full attendance and support for labor and up to 2 hours afterwards

One postnatal visit, 1.5 - 2 hours



Postpartum visits are 2 - 8 hour shifts (with a minimum of 8 hours total) where I come to your home to help support you and your new baby. This can include light housework, meal preparation, breastfeeding support, and taking care of your newborn while you shower, nap or work. 

$25/hour between 6am and midnight, no overnights

Package pricing is available. 

For more information about pricing and scheduling, please email me at