8: Kathy Karlo
 Image by Irene Yee

Image by Irene Yee

On this week's episode, I talk to Kathy Karlo. Kathy is the creator of the website and blog fortheloveofclimbing.com. She works for the No Man's Land Film Festival - an all-female adventure film festival. In 2016, Kathy was asked to join an all male team in their attempt to bag a first ascent on a big wall in Africa. What ensued was a challenging and trying month that left Kathy feeling like a failure on her return home. Afterwards, Kathy learned to solo aid climb and turned the experience she had into a chance to grow. She wrote about the entire experience in the article - Do Not Go Outside to Climb.

You can find more of Kathy's writing at fortheloveofclimbing.com or follow her on Instagram @inheadlights.

The music on this episode is by Lobo Marino. You can find them (and support them) on bandcamp.

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7: Taylor Carpenter of STATIC Climbing Gear

On this weeks episode, I talk to Taylor Carpenter. Taylor is the creator of STATIC chalk and climbing bags. Started in San Diego in 2014, each bag is handmade and designed to be stylish and unique. In this episode, we talk about what led Taylor to start her own business making chalk bags. We discuss how personal injuries and the deaths of people around her emboldened her to pursue her dreams and changed her into the person today. We talk about the difficulties and rewards or starting a business, and the exciting momentum STATIC is building as they start selling bags at REI. 

Find Taylor and her awesome bags at http://www.staticclimbing.com/ or follow her on Instagram @staticclimbing and @tayylor_j.

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6: Lizzy VanPatten

On this weeks episode, I talk to Lizzy VanPatten. Lizzy is an outdoor guide and one of the creators of She Moves Mountains –a guiding company focused on educating and empowering women about rock climbing and the outdoors.

On this episode, we talk about how Lizzy went from depressed college kid, to hiking the trails of the Pacific Northwest, to climbing in Patagonia and finding happiness and her passion. We talk about the effort it takes to run a business, and how that does and doesn’t get in the way of climbing life. And we look forward to what’s next for She Moves Mountains and female guides.

Find more about She Moves Mountains at shemovesmountains.org or follow them on Instagram. Lizzy is also on Instagram.

This music from this week's episode is by Lobo Marino -  listen and support them on Bandcamp.

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5: Shelma Jun

Shelma Jun is the creator of Flash Foxy and the Women's Climbing festival. She is also a co-creator of the Never Not Collective. On this episode, Shelma and I talk about how Flash Foxy came to be and how the Women's Climbing Festival evolved. We talk about how Shelma has seen the presence of women in the climbing world change over the past five years,  the importance of women only spaces and how to create a sport where we all feel comfortable and included.



You can find more about Shelma and the Women's Climbing Festival at flashfoxy.com. Also check out Shelma's media collective - Never Not Collective. And find her on instagram.

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4: Katie Lambert

Katie Lambert is a professional climber based out of the Eastern Sierras. She has been climbing for over 20 years and has over 25 female first ascents including climbs like Keeper of the Flame and Crossroads in Yosemite Valley. In this episode, we talk about Katie’s evolution from a Louisiana climber to a Yosemite climber. We also discuss her other work in nutrition and with the organization SacredRok.

Find more of Katie's writing on her website and for Climbing magazine. Or find her on Instagram

The music on this episode is by Lobo Marino. Listen here


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3: Holland Pettingill

Holland is a route setter and climber in Southern California. In this episode, we dive into Holland's process of becoming a route setter. We talk about how men and women climb differently and set differently, the lack of female route setters in many gyms and how hard it can be to climb with women without men getting in the way, literally. 

Find Holland on instagram @HollandPettingill



The music from this episode is by Lobo Marino. Find them on Bandcamp.

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