5: Shelma Jun

Shelma Jun is the creator of Flash Foxy and the Women's Climbing festival. She is also a co-creator of the Never Not Collective. On this episode, Shelma and I talk about how Flash Foxy came to be and how the Women's Climbing Festival evolved. We talk about how Shelma has seen the presence of women in the climbing world change over the past five years,  the importance of women only spaces and how to create a sport where we all feel comfortable and included.



You can find more about Shelma and the Women's Climbing Festival at flashfoxy.com. Also check out Shelma's media collective - Never Not Collective. And find her on instagram.

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4: Katie Lambert

Katie Lambert is a professional climber based out of the Eastern Sierras. She has been climbing for over 20 years and has over 25 female first ascents including climbs like Keeper of the Flame and Crossroads in Yosemite Valley. In this episode, we talk about Katie’s evolution from a Louisiana climber to a Yosemite climber. We also discuss her other work in nutrition and with the organization SacredRok.

Find more of Katie's writing on her website and for Climbing magazine. Or find her on Instagram

The music on this episode is by Lobo Marino. Listen here


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3: Holland Pettingill

Holland is a route setter and climber in Southern California. In this episode, we dive into Holland's process of becoming a route setter. We talk about how men and women climb differently and set differently, the lack of female route setters in many gyms and how hard it can be to climb with women without men getting in the way, literally. 

Find Holland on instagram @HollandPettingill



The music from this episode is by Lobo Marino. Find them on Bandcamp.

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