8: Kathy Karlo

 Image by Irene Yee

Image by Irene Yee

On this week's episode, I talk to Kathy Karlo. Kathy is the creator of the website and blog fortheloveofclimbing.com. She works for the No Man's Land Film Festival - an all-female adventure film festival. In 2016, Kathy was asked to join an all male team in their attempt to bag a first ascent on a big wall in Africa. What ensued was a challenging and trying month that left Kathy feeling like a failure on her return home. Afterwards, Kathy learned to solo aid climb and turned the experience she had into a chance to grow. She wrote about the entire experience in the article - Do Not Go Outside to Climb.

You can find more of Kathy's writing at fortheloveofclimbing.com or follow her on Instagram @inheadlights.

The music on this episode is by Lobo Marino. You can find them (and support them) on bandcamp.

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