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When I found yoga in college, it changed everything for me. Committing to a daily practice helped me manage my depression, find balance and make lasting change in my life. Teaching evolved naturally out of many years of consistent practice. I have trained and practiced extensively with my teachers Stephanie Snyder and Annie Carpenter and my classes reflect both of their unique styles. My sequencing is strong and deliberate; I offer variations and modifications so that any one who comes to my class feels comfortable. I know what yoga looks and feels like for me, my goal is to help you discover what yoga looks and feels like to you. 


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Trainings and Certifications

Mama Tree Level 1 Prenatal Training with Jane Austin // October 2017

RISE Yoga for Youth Teacher Training //October 2016

50 hour SmartFlow training with Annie Carpenter //September 2015

50 hour SmartFlow training with Annie Carpenter // March 2015

300 hour teacher training with Stephanie Snyder //Fall 2013

200 hour teacher training with Stephanie Snyder //Fall 2012





12pm - 1:15 Power Yoga at Planet Granite SF



Prenatal, Postpartum and Mom and Baby Yoga Classes

Taught as either a private class for one or more commonly a class for a group of soon to be or new parents. This class is perfectly tailored for whatever stage of parenthood you are in. If your group has a space, be in a community room, studio or home, I will come to you to teach this class. Please inquire about pricing options with me directly, I love working with people to make this a feasible service!

Office yoga classes

With several years of experience teaching in multiple offices, I know how appreciative employees can be for this time once or twice a week. Office yoga classes range in difficulty and intensity depending on the group. Choose your length of class from 30 - 75 minutes. I have experience teaching vinyasa, therapeutic yoga and meditation in corporate settings and can tailor a class to your employees needs.   Your first corporate class is always free - give it a try!

Read more about the benefits of yoga in the work place.


Private yoga

The fastest and safest way to jumpstart or progress in your yoga practice is with a one-on-one session. I work with pregnant and postpartum people, people working with injuries and people looking to deepen their practice. These sessions give you, the practitioner, a chance to have your questions answered and experience what it's like to have a class tailored just for you and your body! Try one session or as many as you need. 


Yoga for events

Getting married? Work event?

Yoga will set the mood for your guests and is a nice way to start or break up the day. I have experience teaching at weddings, bachelorette parties, baby showers and corporate special events.